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Philanthropic expertise featured in The Economist, Wall Street Journal, NPR, MarketWatch

Current changes to the U.S. tax code means that college sports-related donations could be curtailed because donors can no longer deduct gifts made to gain access to prime seats for games. MarketWatch explores these changes and their implications and interviewed Graham-Pelton President and CEO Elizabeth Zeigler on the topic. Furthering a strategy to inspire transformational philanthropy versus transactional gifts is made all the more crucial when these changes take place, said Zeigler. “Universities need to be able to communicate more about why the gifts are important,” she said.

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The Economist explores the increasing professionalization of the non-profit sector and those roles within it, including Zeigler’s suggestion that organizations invest in a donor stewardship role that engages supporters with frequent communications, outreach and in-person opportunities that offer the supporter a front-row seat to the non-profit’s work and outcomes.

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The Wall Street Journal features Graham-Pelton President and CEO Elizabeth Zeigler’s expertise on the trend among museums to offer free entry or admission to certain events. Although these efforts engage the community, it may come at a cost. “It’s appropriate to have a healthy skepticism,” said Zeigler, as many of these programs cost museums in the tens of thousands of dollars and could affect paid attendance by creating a culture of patrons who only visit a museum when it is free.

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Zeigler was also featured during NPR’s Morning Edition, having been interviewed by Tovia Smith on the “David and Goliath” story out of Boston in which a group of inner-city teenagers are demanding that TD Garden make good on their twenty-two year old promise to host fundraising events to benefit area community recreation centers. Zeigler confirmed that the teenagers, indeed, make a good case: “I think we can assume that the fundraisers wouldn’t be little student-run bake shops,” she said. “These events would draw celebrities that would be commensurate with the brand of TD Garden and the sports teams.”

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WEBCAST | June 30Giving USA 2022

During this 45-minute webcast, we’ll be joined by the lead researcher for Giving USA, Dr. Una Osili, who will share insights and analysis on this year’s report.

What you'll learn

  • The trends that shaped philanthropy in 2021
  • The significance of those trends and what they mean for the nonprofit industry
  • High-level takeaways to guide your fundraising strategy this year and beyond
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