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Return on Investment
March 8, 2018

Business as (not) usual: Proceeding with a campaign despite turnover

In our last post, we shared our top tips for ensuring success in your fundraising program despite staff and leadership transitions. There, we focused on…
Return on Investment
March 6, 2018

Triumph despite turnover: Ensuring fundraising program success during leadership transitions

Recent studies confirm what we all know - transitions in fundraising staff and leadership are inevitable. Data demonstrates that the average tenure for development professionals…
Benchmarking SurveyReturn on Investment
February 13, 2018

Beyond Benchmarking: What the data can’t tell you

The title of this blog may strike you as a little odd, particularly given that Graham-Pelton Consulting recently partnered with IDPE to deliver the most…
Giving & Philanthropy
December 17, 2018

What Philanthropy Means in a Polarized World

With 24-hour news cycles, there’s little time to digest what’s happening in our country. Every night, the news offers a dizzying array of scandals and…
Giving & Philanthropy
December 14, 2018

You Don’t Know DAF: Approach Donor Advised Funds by Learning This Before You Die

Change isn’t just coming; it’s already here! With the explosion of donor-advised funds and recent tax reform, the entire charitable landscape in the United States…
Giving & Philanthropy
December 12, 2018

A Thousand Points of Light

This week, I watched along with much of our nation as George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States, was laid to rest.…

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A new @WPIinsights report explores how the link between social norms and charitable giving applies to women’s and girls’ causes. Our President & CEO @ezeiglerGP shares her thoughts on the report’s findings and discusses what this means for fundraisers. https://t.co/NPIGjPlEjU

You Don’t Know DAF: Approach Donor Advised Funds by Learning This Before You Die. Senior Vice President Stuart Sullivan explains: https://t.co/2bm5G1MFX8

Is philanthropy a priority in a polarized world? @JenHarrisGP, Senior Vice President, Associations and Social Change Sectors, weighs in: https://t.co/JfvJVxdhtL

If you complete the IDPE and @Graham_Pelton Schools' Alumni Relations and Fundraising Benchmarking survey by 31 December 2018 you will receive two hard copies of the final report. https://t.co/ffsWEwjQJM

We agree. Donor-advised funds will seriously change the landscape and timeline of #philanthropy. So how should you navigate and advise giving with DAFs in mind? @Graham_Pelton Senior Vice President Stuart Sullivan explains: https://t.co/xGXsspQpRe

The Wall Street Journal@WSJ

New data say donations to charities are increasing this year, but they're relying on fewer donors https://t.co/auGd5Yt77d

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Graham-Pelton Colleague Recognition Award Winners

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Our mission is to elevate philanthropy so nonprofits can flourish.  And simply put, our people elevate us.  During this season of giving, we realize that…

Graham-Pelton announces 2018 Client Recognition Award Winners

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Graham-Pelton is pleased to announce their 2018 Client Recognition Award Winners. Each year, Graham-Pelton team members nominate clients who are then voted on by their…

Society in Crisis: How Philanthropy Can Change Narratives Amid Uncertainty

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Elizabeth Zeigler, President and CEO of Graham-Pelton, poses a question to the panel. by Jennifer Harris November 14, 2018 Merriam-Webster defines philanthropy as, “the desire…

Associate Cliff Tapp reflects on health, research, international fundraising

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The majority of Graham-Pelton Associate Cliff Tapp’s experience is in leading university fundraising and campaigns and developing strategy with academic and clinical leaders, major and…

Association of Children’s Museums partners with Graham-Pelton to enhance fundraising capacity

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Washington, D.C. February 20, 2018 // The Association of Children’s Museums (ACM) and Graham-Pelton have joined forces to enhance fundraising programming for ACM’s more than…

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