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Global Economy & Relations
May 1, 2019

When is the right time to think globally?

Thinking globally can markedly enhance a development and alumni programme. This includes organisations that aren’t immediately able to go global, as well as those that…
Return on Investment
March 8, 2018

Business as (not) usual: Proceeding with a campaign despite turnover

In our last post, we shared our top tips for ensuring success in your fundraising program despite staff and leadership transitions. There, we focused on…
Return on Investment
March 6, 2018

Triumph despite turnover: Ensuring fundraising program success during leadership transitions

Recent studies confirm what we all know - transitions in fundraising staff and leadership are inevitable. Data demonstrates that the average tenure for development professionals…
Giving & Philanthropy
May 13, 2019

Initial Impressions from Ross-CASE 2019

The latest Ross-CASE report shows that giving is over the £1 billion threshold again. This should come as no shock; philanthropic activity has been above…
Giving & Philanthropy
May 10, 2019

Why is the slowest form of fundraising also the most urgent?

One of the headline figures in this year’s Ross-CASE results is the 19% increase to donation income from bequests. Legacies accounted for £109.6m of the…
Giving & Philanthropy
May 2, 2019

The Secret to Higher Alumni Participation: Start with Students, Not Alumni

Alumni Participation: sometimes it can seem a little exasperating.  But why such ire for this critical piece of the fundraising puzzle? Briefly, a higher level…

Graham-Pelton on Twitter

"The baby boomers are your best individual and major donors. With the right approach, the end of their lives could result in transformative gifts to your institution." - Alice Sockett on the importance of increasing legacy giving #RossCASE19 https://t.co/UXNS1zK4M5

University fundraising in the UK & Ireland was over £1bn last year. For more key takeaways from the #RossCASE19 report, visit our blog: https://t.co/xWtk8eAs0I

Tips from @ezeiglerGP on creating a case for support that resonates:
-Don’t be afraid to start with the negative
-Don’t be so self-referential
-Know where you are going & bring your donors there
-Position your organization as part of)the solution. (The other part is your donor.)

When is the right time to think globally? Samir Farrag, Senior Consultant, shares three steps on our blog to enhance your program and go global. Don't miss Graham-Pelton at the @IDPE_Europe Conference on 10 and 11 June!

Thank you @BSAboarding for carrying @Graham_Pelton ‘s piece on elevating #philanthropy in the latest issue. A lovely bonus to see my old school @LRGSLancaster and @christopherpyle in there as well!

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January 22, 2019 in Graham-Pelton News & Events, News & Events

Samir Farrag: Relationship-Minded, Internationally Focused

Graham-Pelton is pleased to welcome Samir Farrag as Senior Consultant. A focus on International Affairs in graduate school propelled Samir into the multi-faceted world of…
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December 27, 2018 in News & Events

Adam Steinberg: Vast Experience and a Wealth of Knowledge

Graham-Pelton is pleased to welcome Adam Steinberg as Vice President. When it comes to fundraising in education, Adam has seen it all and done it…
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December 20, 2018 in News & Events

Alice Sockett: Insight and Experience

Graham-Pelton is pleased to welcome Alice Sockett as a new Consultant. Prior to joining Graham-Pelton, Alice was responsible for realigning the Legacy and In Memoriam…
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December 4, 2018 in News & Events, Optimistic

Graham-Pelton Colleague Recognition Award Winners

Our mission is to elevate philanthropy so nonprofits can flourish.  And simply put, our people elevate us.  During this season of giving, we realize that…
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November 21, 2018 in Giving & Philanthropy, News & Events, Optimistic, Clients

Graham-Pelton announces 2018 Client Recognition Award Winners

Graham-Pelton is pleased to announce their 2018 Client Recognition Award Winners. Each year, Graham-Pelton team members nominate clients who are then voted on by their…
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