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giving and philanthropy

The collective generosity of humanity will propel us forward.

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High-performing teams aren’t created by chance.

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Information is knowledge and knowledge is power.

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Our efforts empower the next generation of leaders and reinvent the future.

Accepting funds from tainted donors

Vice President David Allyn says nonprofits shouldn’t be so quick to reject these gifts in a Washington Post op-ed

When Donors Make Things Complicated

Article by Vice President Stuart Sullivan featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

Ace Your First Fundraising Campaign

Vice President David Allyn outlines the critical strategy elements that need to be considered when planning a fundraising campaign

Giving USA 2019

Our analysis of the findings from this year’s report

Announcing two new service lines

Quotients Talent Optimization & Cybersecurity Readiness for Nonprofits

Protecting Your Nonprofit From Controversial Donors

Vice President David Allyn shares his insight on fundraising scandals

insights with impact

Explore the intricate themes facing our industry.

Giving & Philanthropy
December 4, 2019

Non-Profit Cooperation: Conflicted Interest or Transformational Collaboration?

You have no doubt heard of the competition for the philanthropic dollar. Many of us feel inclined to hide our donors and are nervous about…
Industry Trends & CommentaryGiving & Philanthropy
November 7, 2019

Regrets, I’ve had a few….

So sang Ol’ Blue Eyes in that high-kicking classic looking back on a life well lived. Hopefully, the author and everyone reading this won’t be…
Industry Trends & CommentaryGiving & Philanthropy
November 7, 2019

Investing in systems and processes makes a difference

Do any of these sounds familiar? A fundraiser that complains about data quality, uses the database differently, or not all. Reporting that cannot be trusted…
Global Economy & Relations
May 1, 2019

When is the right time to think globally?

Thinking globally can markedly enhance a development and alumni programme. This includes organisations that aren’t immediately able to go global, as well as those that…
Return on Investment
March 8, 2018

Business as (not) usual: Proceeding with a campaign despite turnover

In our last post, we shared our top tips for ensuring success in your fundraising program despite staff and leadership transitions. There, we focused on…
Return on Investment
March 6, 2018

Triumph despite turnover: Ensuring fundraising program success during leadership transitions

Recent studies confirm what we all know - transitions in fundraising staff and leadership are inevitable. Data demonstrates that the average tenure for development professionals…

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