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Beyond Gratitude™

Built on relationships. Powered by data.



Beyond Gratitude expands on traditional patient and family fundraising models by combining donor motivation with data-driven insights to provide you with the highest quality prospects. Physicians learn to identify patient behaviors that typically indicate a philanthropic interest and how to effectively relay that information to your development team.

The result is an authentic bridge for development and healthcare professionals to form trusted relationships, united in their shared motivations of delivering lifesaving patient care and conducting breakthrough medical research.

Service Highlights

Engagement Profiles

Define clear roles for physicians and development staff.

Our carefully designed engagement profiles will help you identify which practitioners and faculty members are likely to play an active role in philanthropy, giving you a clear picture of the return you can expect on your investment.

Data Integrity & Compliance

Streamline data collection. Securely.

Protecting patient privacy is at the core of Beyond Gratitude. We conduct a thorough review of your existing data policies to create a HIPAA-compliant development program that gives your IT and legal teams confidence that data integrity will be maintained.

Training & Coaching

Create a culture where giving is transformational, not transactional.

We coach healthcare professionals to find their own style and voice when talking about philanthropy, building their experience while reducing discomfort. Bespoke coaching equips them with concrete tools and personalized, real-time practice so they can respond authentically in the moment with confidence.

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Beyond Gratitude: A New Approach to Grateful Patient Fundraising

Learn more about what makes Beyond Gratitude different in this article by Graham-Pelton President Walt Edwards.

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