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Operations + DATA

Prospect Pool

Data powered by expert analysis and human insight.



Our approach expands on traditional data analytics by combining human behavior, donor motivation, and data-driven insights to provide you with the highest quality prospects. 

Service Highlights

Database Analysis

Unlock the potential within your database. 

Our data analytics experts cross-reference your data with various external sources to validate your top prospects and uncover new ones. Using our Capacity Scoring Methodology, we use weighted scoring and behavioral indicators to rank-order prospects that have the capacity to give at higher levels so you have a clear understanding of your full potential. 


Qualification & Vetting

Prioritize your top prospects.

Your major gift officers deserve portfolios of high-quality prospects. Graham-Pelton’s sophisticated research instruments, survey tools, and statistical analysis provide you with a tiered list of your best prospects so you can efficiently move the most viable donors effectively through your pipeline. 



Approach each prospect with a clear strategy in place.

Our analysts and researchers work as a fully integrated part of each client engagement to translate raw wealth screening data into actionable strategies. Equipped with thorough, data-driven insights, your team can approach their top prospects with confidence and clarity. 


You can raise more money. We can show you how.