we attract innovative thinkers

executive leadership

Our leaders stimulate the highest standards of innovation, collaboration, and dynamism.

  • Elizabeth Zeigler
    Elizabeth Zeigler
    President & CEO
  • Nicole Antil
    Nicole Antil
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Kevin Lynch
    Kevin Lynch
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Lindsay Morlock
    Lindsay Morlock
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Patricia (Pat) House
    Patricia (Pat) House
    Executive Vice President, Client and Consultant Development
  • Jennifer Harris
    Jennifer Harris
    Senior Vice President
  • Jim Lyddy
    Jim Lyddy
    Senior Vice President
  • Elizabeth Milhous
    Elizabeth Milhous
    Vice President
  • Brian O’Leary
    Brian O’Leary
    Vice President
  • Pamela Rossi
    Pamela Rossi
    Vice President of Client Services
  • Jackie Sullivan
    Jackie Sullivan
    Senior Vice President
  • Allison White
    Allison White
    Senior Vice President
  • Stuart Sullivan
    Stuart Sullivan
    Senior Vice President
  • Craig Leach
    Craig Leach

client engagement leadership

As a professional services firm, our greatest asset is the collective knowledge, passion, and experience of our remarkable people.

  • Meg Bailey
    Meg Bailey
    Managing Consultant
  • Adele Beekman
    Adele Beekman
    Senior Consultant
  • Brian Crockett
    Brian Crockett
    Senior Vice President
  • Walt Edwards
    Walt Edwards
    Senior Vice President
  • Kristin Fehrenbach
    Kristin Fehrenbach
    Senior Consultant
  • Christina Ferguson
    Christina Ferguson
    Senior Manager, Strategy
  • Travis Fraser
    Travis Fraser
    Senior Consultant
  • Paula Frishman
    Paula Frishman
    Managing Consultant
  • David Greig
    David Greig
    Senior Consultant
  • Jennifer Herrmann
    Jennifer Herrmann
    Vice President
  • Yasaman (Yasi) Martin
    Yasaman (Yasi) Martin
    Senior Manager
  • Laura McGarry
    Laura McGarry
    Managing Consultant
  • Cassandra Mesko
    Cassandra Mesko
    Senior Consultant
  • Chelsey Newmyer
    Chelsey Newmyer
    Senior Consultant
  • Erica Pettis
    Erica Pettis
    Managing Consultant
  • Charles Platt
    Charles Platt
    Senior Counsel
  • Jim Rude
    Jim Rude
    Managing Consultant, Data Analytics
  • Anna Schlia
    Anna Schlia
    Vice President
  • Alex Senchak
    Alex Senchak
    Vice President
  • Alice Sockett
    Alice Sockett
  • Tom Sullivan
    Tom Sullivan
    Senior Vice President
  • Karen Sveda
    Karen Sveda
    Senior Vice President
  • Sarah Van Blarcom
    Sarah Van Blarcom
    Managing Consultant
  • Gina Vaughn
    Gina Vaughn
    Managing Consultant


  • Anne Carlson
    Anne Carlson
    Associate Consultant
  • Aaron Dahlstrom
    Aaron Dahlstrom
    Manager, Digital Marketing
  • Maria DiLorenzo
    Maria DiLorenzo
    Senior Manager, Learning and Organizational Development
  • Michele Giacobbe
    Michele Giacobbe
    Office Manager / Executive Assistant
  • Rose Kennedy
    Rose Kennedy
    Coordinator, Accounting
  • Courtney Luzzi
    Courtney Luzzi
    Client Services Manager
  • Patrick Mulvihill
    Patrick Mulvihill
    Associate Consultant
  • Mukesh Parikh
    Mukesh Parikh
    Manager, Accounting
  • Sue Rees
    Sue Rees
    Associate Consultant
  • Katie Rozycki
    Katie Rozycki
    Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications, Corporate
  • Katy Steele
    Katy Steele
    Associate Consultant