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Campaign Planning & Feasibility Studies

Yes, an ambitious fundraising campaign is attainable. And we can show you how.



A Campaign Planning and Feasibility Study equips you with the confidence and clarity you need to reach new heights in your fundraising.

It’s a question of planning.

We know that launching a successful campaign is a question of measuring feasibility, both qualitatively and quantitatively, and then developing a plan for a successful campaign.


With a Graham-Pelton Campaign Planning & Feasibility Study, we don’t answer the question, “Is a campaign feasible?” but rather, “What is your path to campaign success?” There is always a productive path and together – with your institutional knowledge and our diverse expertise – we’ll find it.

And no matter what we learn, we offer a clear roadmap that guides you to positive and meaningful outcomes that take you beyond where you are today.

Service Highlights

Data Analytics

Campaign goals based on insights, not imagination.


We dive deep into your database to develop your ideal prospect pool, helping you determine potential major gift donors, gift capacities, and target ask amounts. The result is a campaign goal that is not just ambitious, but also achievable.


Donor Relations

Understand how donors see your organization.


We engage in strategic discussions with key stakeholders and survey a broad pool of supporters. Our methodology is carefully designed to uncover how internal and external constituents perceive your development efforts, revealing opportunities and obstacles to philanthropic growth.

Internal readiness

Embark on your campaign with confidence.


We assess internal readiness to ensure that you have the staff and volunteer resources to achieve your goals. We also review the philanthropic landscape, providing a competitive analysis of other nonprofits in your region.


What you can expect from a Campaign Planning & Feasibility Study

A Campaign Planning and Feasibility Study begins with taking stock of where you are and developing a tailored process that works for your organization. While each study is customized, most typically involve the drafting of a preliminary case for support, wealth screening, and in-depth data analysis to support prospect pool development. We engage in personal and private discussions with your key stakeholders and employ sophisticated survey methodologies to strategically engage the broadest base of your constituents to glean their preferences, perceptions, and perspectives. From there, equipped with valuable quantitative and qualitative data, we clearly define where you can go and strategize what it will take to get there.

Ongoing reporting is one hallmark of Graham-Pelton’s service so you can be confident that there will be no surprises along the way. In addition to offering regular updates and check-ins, our counsel includes an interim report of progress and emerging themes, as well as a comprehensive and actionable final report and delivery.

As a standard of service, we provide strategic counsel on all related campaign topics, working with you to develop cultivation – and even solicitation – strategies while your Planning and Feasibility Study is underway.

You can raise more money. We can show you how.


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