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Donors + Constituents

Case for Support

Where the mission meets the message.



The sheer volume of nonprofits with worthy missions can be overwhelming for potential supporters. We show you how to cut through the noise and get to the heart of your message.

Service Highlights

Visioning Sessions

Create consensus among key stakeholders.

It is the process of developing the Case for Support where the true value exists. Graham-Pelton’s Visioning Session, called Inspiring Humans, Not Donors™, is a uniquely dynamic and proven way to engage stakeholders in discussions that not only serve to fine-tune campaign messaging, but to build and cultivate key relationships.

Proven Framework

Craft messaging that moves people to action.

Combining human psychology, marketing best practices, and change management theory, we have developed a simple five-part framework to help fundraisers distill their messages and inspire people to give at unprecedented levels.

Strengthen Your Brand

Tell your story as only you can.

Your mission is your brand. Use the Case for Support process to ensure mission alignment, clarify your purpose, and tell your story with impact. The development process can be a valuable and strategic opportunity to strengthen and refine — or even re-imagine — your existing brand.

You can raise more money. We can show you how.