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Campaign Counsel
+ Strategy

Bring greater confidence and clarity to your campaign.


Whether launching an ambitious multi-million dollar campaign or securing the biggest ask in your institution’s history, we will show you how to achieve your fundraising goals.

Service Highlights

Transformational Philanthropy

Set your fundraising ambitions. Then raise them.


Ignite your campaign fundraising by growing and vitalizing your donor base, building stronger models of engagement, and advancing your mission.



Empowered decision-making

Secure buy-in from your leadership and board .


Bring greater clarity to the role and potential of fundraising within your organization. We blend our data-driven approach with extensive, diverse experience, enabling executive leaders and boards to make strategic and informed decisions with confidence.

Industry experts

Access a deep bench of seasoned fundraising experts.


You get a team of professionals with direct fundraising experience ready to roll up their sleeves alongside you to solve your organization’s greatest fundraising challenges. We tailor proven methodologies, best practices, and teams to your unique culture and needs while remaining at the forefront of emerging philanthropic trends and strategies.

What you can expect from campaign counsel

Bringing structure, organization, and expertise with comprehensive services tailored to your needs, Graham-Pelton’s campaign counsel includes comprehensive campaign leadership.

We maintain the campaign infrastructure including goal and metric development, campaign reporting, staffing structures. We establish consensus on campaign objectives and vision, which allows us to further develop a compelling and investable case for support. And because the engagement of your leaders and community is paramount, Graham-Pelton works with your leadership, staff, and board to develop the most effective solicitation strategies.

You can raise more money. We can show you how.


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