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Humans of Fundraising: Andrea Marcille

“Over time, my leadership philosophy has evolved but four core tenets remain: Work Hard, Be Nice, Know Your Craft, and Strengthen Others.”

CAPT Andrea Marcille, USCG (ret), ’89
President, U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association

My first career was 25 years spent as an officer in the Coast Guard, the last nine of which were as part of the Coast Guard Academy. During that time, I had the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors of the Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association.

Even as an alum of the Academy, I did not fully realize the positive impact philanthropy had on the Academy across all programs (academic, athletic, cadet life, leadership). Being on the Board when the Association made the decision to begin an $8 million campaign to build eight Leadership 44 (L-44) sail training boats opened my eyes even further to the potential of transformational impact. When my predecessor decided to retire, I was considering my next career move and put my hat in the ring for the position. Best second career choice EVER!

Over time, my leadership philosophy has evolved but four core tenets remain: Work Hard, Be Nice, Know Your Craft, and Strengthen Others. I’m hopeful at least a few of them applied as I navigated the fifth grade this year with my son, Alex! I was pretty proud of the grades we received together – earned while reading The Magician’s Nephew, learning about the road to the revolution, and conducting science experiments. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve always been a voracious reader, whether a teenager at the library, on a long patrol at sea, or now co-reading with my mother (via NOOK!). The greater the love story or mystery, the better.

Most of all, navigating school together opened my eyes to how Alex approaches school and play and how I can support that journey.

Similarly, when I think of my 25 years of service to the nation, I think of the women and men in the Coast Guard who I had the privilege to serve or lead and lift them up to be their very best selves. My dearest triumphs are when I see these people get promoted, start families, and thrive at life and work. And as part of that, especially nowadays, I’m reminded that the Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association remains a family-first organization. We need to take care of ourselves and others, and I must model the way through my own actions.

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