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2019 Colleague Recognition Awards

Our mission is to elevate philanthropy so nonprofits can flourish. And simply put, our people elevate us. During this season of giving, we realize that our colleagues are our greatest gifts. In that spirit, Graham-Pelton is proud to honor some of the exceptional members of our team with a Colleague Recognition Award. These awards go to individuals who go the extra mile when it comes to ensuring the success of our clients and the firm, exemplifying our core values: focused, optimistic, authentic, empathetic, and bold.

We congratulate Aaron Dahlstrom for earning the Ruffian Award. This award’s namesake, a champion racehorse, was known to blast out of her gate when the race started and give her all to the race, despite any obstacles in her course. Aaron is the ultimate team player and an eternal optimist who always helps others find a productive path forward. He has elevated our website and digital marketing efforts, and he is consistently focused on developing and delivering high-quality products.

We congratulate Becki Mckinlay for earning the Consultant of the Year Award, an award that recognizes a colleague who embodies and displays the ethos of “responsible consulting” through all of their work and actions at the firm. Becki has developed tremendously in her time with the firm, pushing herself out of her comfort zone for the betterment of Graham-Pelton. She is deeply committed to not only clients, but the development of our client engagements, onboarding, and internal talent. She is confident, poised, and bold in her approach with clients, and professionalism and preparedness are consistently in her repertoire.

We congratulate Erica Pettis for earning the Impact Award, an award given annually to a colleague whose contributions have resulted in significant outcomes. Erica took on an elevated role at the firm this year and rose to the challenge with flying colors. She provides thoughtful leadership, guidance, and direction to our colleagues that have led to measurable performance growth for team members. She sets – and meets – a high bar when it comes to producing outstanding work. She has demonstrated what success can look like when you engender trust, stretch yourself, and rise to the occasion.

We congratulate Christina Ferguson for earning the CEO Award, an award reserved for the discretion of the CEO that recognizes a member of the team who has demonstrated above-and-beyond effort and made a considerable difference in the firm’s growth and achievement. Intelligent, strategic, and versatile, Christina has contributed tremendous value to the firm and is an extraordinary team player who excels in seeing the big picture for Graham-Pelton. She is intelligent and strategic and her talents know no boundaries.

We also recognize Stuart Sullivan for his overall outstanding performance in 2019. He is incredibly strategic and committed to elevating philanthropy for every organization he works with. He is a team player who has made a considerable difference in the firm’s growth and achievement.