we deliver unparalleled client service


Our frameworks lend structure and order to our work, and it is within these parameters that we craft creative, innovative solutions.

giving and philanthropy

The collective generosity of humanity will propel us forward.

fundraising strategy
attraction and retention

organizational effectiveness

High-performing teams aren’t created by chance.

operational assessment
talent assessment and development
training and engagement
interim staffing

business intelligence

Information is knowledge and knowledge is power.

prospect profiling
database optimization
wealth screening and analysis
fundraising metrics

The Graham-Pelton Consulting planning study was transformative. It has enabled us to gain senior level support, expand and refocus the team and move forward with renewed vigour.

Stuart FranklinCommunications and Marketing Director, Lancaster University

They delivered on every level. Their comprehensive end-report has given us the tools and the confidence to embark on our biggest capital campaign to date.

Corinne LloydDirector of Development and Fellow, Magdalene College, University of Cambridge

I was amazed at how well Graham-Pelton integrated into our community and really embraced who we are and what we do. Graham-Pelton consultants worked only 3 days per week for half of our school year, but their accomplishments seemed superhuman!

Sergio AlatiHead of School, Stevens Cooperative School

Our partnership with Graham-Pelton helped us stay the course with a disciplined approach to campaign fundraising. They provided invaluable direction on solicitation strategies, campaign cabinet efforts, communications, and board involvement.

Brian Scott CrockettRetired CEO, VMI Foundation