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The Future of Higher Education:

7 trends to watch in 2021 and beyond

A 28-page special report from Graham-Pelton about the trends impacting higher education and why investing in your Development office can empower your college or university to thrive through disruption.

Higher Education Special Report Cover Page

What’s Inside the Report

College and university leaders are facing a directional maze filled with obstacles as they attempt to guide their campuses toward mission fulfillment and financial stability. One wrong turn, and the course can be miserably derailed.

In this special report, we lay out the case that Development offices are critical to institutions when adapting to a changing higher education landscape. In order to do so, these offices must be appropriately resourced.

What You’ll Learn

  • The most important trends changing the higher education landscape.
  • The role Development offices can take in counteracting or adapting to these trends at your institution.
  • Tangible actions campus leaders should take to equip their Development teams with the resources required to raise money.