Our work impacts the dedicated men and women who are committed to serving our country.

Services: Coaching, Planning Study, Campaign Management, Campaign Assessment, Wealth Screening and Analysis

Graham-Pelton provided campaign management services to VMI and the VMI Foundation. During the past decade, Graham-Pelton conducted an assessment of the VMI Foundation’s activities, completed an electronic screening and analysis of the database, provided Board development counsel, facilitated a needs assessment to develop campaign funding priorities, and provided uninterrupted strategic counsel to the Superintendent and the CEO of the Foundation.

In June 2011, Graham-Pelton presented the final report and campaign recommendations for a planning study that tested a $200 million cash goal to gauge the level of support for the Institute’s proposed campaign for academic, military, athletic, legacy, and annual and long-term support. This client moved immediately into the quiet phase of a $200 million campaign and secured $344.1 million, having raised its goal to $225 million, for the An Uncommon Purpose campaign.