Our work impacts the future of the Latino community, and our mission is to improve their opportunities to achieve the American Dream.

Services: Planning Study, Campaign Management, Strategic Planning

Graham-Pelton was commissioned to provide services in support of a campaign planning study and ongoing campaign management services for UnidosUS (formerly, National Council of La Raza) in anticipation of a campaign effort to establish and endow an “Opportunity Fund” to respond to urgent needs in support of core-mission work in immigration, health, housing, and economic development; provide funding to “Shape the Latino Narrative” and re-envision Latino America; drive pathways to innovation in education, workforce development, and technology; and boost the fundamentals for success – expanding UnidosUS’s capacity. Additionally, the Graham-Pelton team created a growth plan for the UnidosUS resource development team. The quiet phase campaign work included creating a comprehensive campaign plan and formal case, strategic planning in support of major gifts and grants, campaign timeline, campaign talking points, gift counting policy, and roles and responsibilities for leadership, staff, and volunteer positions for this four-year campaign. UnidosUS are now in the third year of the campaign, having just completed the first year of the public phase, which is due to end in December of 2020.