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Services: Planning Study, Campaign Management

Graham-Pelton conducted a planning study for The Potomac School to investigate the School’s ability to raise $50 million for a variety of case elements. Areas tested included building a new athletic center, renovating the Middle School, and growing the endowment and Potomac Fund, which targeted three areas of focus: enhancing excellent teaching, innovative programs for diversity, and investments in technology and special projects. Upon completion of the study, Graham-Pelton recommended that The Potomac School immediately launch a five-year comprehensive campaign with a working goal of $55 million, to be adjusted based on the progress of the campaign’s quiet phase. Graham-Pelton quickly transitioned into providing campaign services to The Potomac School, with the organizational phase focused on identifying and training campaign solicitors, finalizing a Case for Support, establishing prospect development and moves management procedures, developing policies related to gift and donor management, developing a Communications Plan, and developing a five-year campaign tracking system. The firm continues to provide campaign services in support of this campaign.