Twenty-first century challenges call for a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. Graham-Pelton hires the best thinkers with experiences relevant to today’s competitive philanthropic landscape. Our consultants are bound by and committed to Graham-Pelton’s shared values and methods.

My Graham-Pelton Career

With our one-firm approach underpinned by a commitment to Graham-Pelton methodology frameworks, training system, mentorship, and global presence, Graham-Pelton positions you for a successful career. Whether your skills take you to our Co-Sourcing Group, Signature Flex Group, or Private Client Group, there are many ways to succeed at Graham-Pelton.

Are You Ready for Graham-Pelton?

If you find yourself working at Graham-Pelton, chances are that you have more than just a great education and resume. There is no one description to profile the ideal candidate. However, common experiences and skills among Graham-Pelton consultants invariably include diverse and successful bodies of work, critical thinking abilities, project management experience, and rapport- and trust-building skills. What is clear is that everyone at Graham-Pelton understands that collegiality, teamwork, and mutual respect among Graham-Pelton colleagues all lead to effective and fulfilling service.

Culture Code: We Are @GrahamPelton

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