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An actionable guide for setting and achieving ambitious fundraising goals

Redefining Your Fundraising Metrics for a New Landscape

Working with Graham Pelton enabled us to think strategically and prioritize our efforts.

American Psychiatric 

Association Foundation

Don't be paralyzed by uncertainty. Achieve the success you want by learning to focus on the outcomes you can control.

A fresh take on KPIs

Learn to create the habits and behaviors that will measure success when the old key performance indicators no longer apply.

Ask the right questions

No two organizations are alike. We provide the questions that will help you determine what is right for your nonprofit and customize your plan.

Examples & Templates

Design your path to fundraising success using the included sample metrics that you can tailor for your nonprofit.

Graham-Pelton is the fundraising consulting firm chosen by leading nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Our mission is to elevate philanthropy so nonprofits can flourish.


Redefining Your Fundraising Metrics in a New Landscape

Our mission is to elevate philanthropy 

so nonprofits can flourish.