What have you done with January?

By January 25, 2016March 20th, 2017Giving & Philanthropy, Optimistic, Focused

Yes, we are nearly at the end of the first month of the year.  If you are working in a Charity, that probably means all your fundraising achievements have reset to zero, you have to cover and capture the ground you had last year, and add to it.  If you are in Education, it probably means your fundraising targets are roughly halfway through, and you have six months to hit them.  So what have you done with January?

This is a crucial month for getting back in touch with people.  Did you take advantage of the turn of the year to wish your prospects success, and to say you look forward to meeting them?  Have you been busy on the telephone booking meetings for February and March?

The last point is the crucial one, because fundraising pipelines don’t build themselves.  If you are not constantly looking to how you can engage more fantastic donors to make a transformational difference to their lives, and the life of the cause you stand for, you’re fast approaching the fundraising desert.

It’s not enough to concentrate on continuing to build the relationships you already have, vital though that is.  The art of fundraising is to keep a focus on the now, with a strong eye to the future.  The far and the near must have equal priority.

So hopefully you came back after Christmas full of energy, you have cleared up your administration, you have made your resolutions, you are ready to go.  Now put the resolutions into action. Send those letters to your current givers and let them know how incredibly important and special they are, and then pick up the phone to those you don’t know yet.  In a year’s time, they could be the people who have moved your organisation, and most importantly its beneficiaries, to a new life.

-Shaun Horan, Managing Director

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