Graham-Pelton launches two new service lines to address nonprofit vulnerabilities

Staff turnover and data breaches are two critically prevalent vulnerabilities facing nonprofits today. Graham-Pelton, a fundraising and management consulting firm for leading nonprofits worldwide, has launched two new service lines designed to directly address these risks: Quotients™, a talent assessment and team workshop to develop high performing teams; and Cybersecurity Services for Nonprofits, a suite of services providing the intelligence nonprofits need to understand the risk, their exposure, and the immediate steps necessary to secure their networks and data from cyber threats.

Quotients™ Talent Optimization

“A notably high rate of staff turnover is pervading the nonprofit industry in sweeping ways, resulting in dramatic costs to an organization and the loss of institutional knowledge. Over time, it can chip away at an organization’s brand promise, leaving philanthropic giving to suffer. But it doesn’t have to, and that’s precisely why we created Quotients,” says Lindsay Morlock, Graham-Pelton Chief Operating Officer and the lead architect of Quotients.

By making sure staff members’ strengths are aligned with their jobs, an organization can reduce turnover and boost employee engagement. Graham-Pelton’s Quotients empowers organizations to do just that by articulating the innate strengths of their team members. Distinctively designed with nonprofit development teams in mind, Quotients includes individualized online assessments, one-on-one feedback sessions, and a group dynamics workshop, helping managers to position their people most effectively.

Cybersecurity Services for Nonprofits

While managing turnover is a vital way to preserve a nonprofit’s reputation, it is not exclusive. Equally critical is being prepared for a cyber attack, which is increasingly likely in today’s digital landscape. Yet an alarming number of nonprofits have no plan in place to address this liability. “In my day-to-day work with nonprofits of all sizes and in every sector, this dangerous blind spot emerges again and again,” observes Jennifer Harris, Graham-Pelton Senior Vice President. “At an average cost of almost $4 million per breach, cybersecurity is simply something most nonprofits can’t afford to ignore.”

To address this, Graham-Pelton has partnered with the National Cybersecurity Society to improve the online safety and security of the nonprofit community through education, awareness, and advocacy. NCSS is led by Mary Ellen Seale, a recognized leader in national cybersecurity strategy and cyber operations who has held numerous executive positions with the Federal Government, including the Department of Homeland Security.

Graham-Pelton’s Cybersecurity Services for Nonprofits include assessments and remediation plans, half- or full-day workshops, and GDPR Education & Compliance.

“As part of Graham-Pelton’s investment in the nonprofit industry, we are committed to helping nonprofit organizations secure their futures,” says Elizabeth Zeigler, Graham-Pelton President and CEO. “These new services will equip nonprofits with the power to protect both their human and digital capital by setting the necessary safeguards in place.”

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