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By December 18, 2017 March 14th, 2018 Benchmarking Survey, Donor-centric Giving

The IDPE Benchmarking Report states that, “Understanding the make-up of the various audiences within your school will allow you to ascertain how much could be raised by your Development Office and the resource and structure required to deliver that potential.”

Schools engage with a large number of individuals, from alumni and parents to staff, governors, their high net worth connections and the local community.  It can, therefore, be a struggle to see which relationships should be prioritised.

By considering and best utilising the data that you know about your audience, you can begin to measure their engagement with your school. Using this data to identify your constituents’ interest in your school will allow you to:

– Resource staff appropriately

– Set a well-informed goal with clear rationale

– Create a budget that aligns with your staffing, audience, and ultimate goals

– Prioritise your constituents and your time and resources devoted to them

– Shape your case for support with clarity

– Target your messages carefully

– Ask your supporters properly

No matter the size of your constituency, every audience has the potential to include high net worth individuals. Analyse your data carefully for clues, and use engagement opportunities wisely to find out more. By combining different data elements, you can easily segment your audiences into new and exciting ways to help you target your messages more effectively.

Christian Propper is Senior Consultant and Director of Business Intelligence at Graham-Pelton. Click here for more insights about the IDPE and Graham-Pelton Benchmarking Survey results, and the way your organisation may benefit from our findings.


  • The marketing channel where the lead originated.
  • The marketing channel where the lead originated.

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