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Graham-Pelton launches Beyond Gratitude, a practical approach to grateful patient fundraising

New service line changes the dynamic between development and healthcare professionals

(NEW YORK, NY, APRIL 12, 2021) –
Graham-Pelton, the fundraising consulting firm chosen by leading nonprofits worldwide, has launched a new service line designed to improve how patients and their families are engaged to participate in philanthropy. The new service, named Beyond Gratitude™, addresses the analytical and relational domains of a robust grateful patient fundraising program to ensure a fully integrated approach and optimal outcomes. Modular and scalable in nature, it can be fully tailored to respond to any institution’s needs, regardless of size or sophistication.

Beyond Gratitude has been developed under the leadership of Senior Vice President Walt Edwards, a recognized national leader with more than three decades of experience in delivering advanced coaching and training for physicians, veterinarians, researchers, board members/volunteers, and leaders engaged in academic healthcare philanthropy. His work with more than 1,500 medical practitioners has informed the development of Graham-Pelton’s distinct Beyond Gratitude model. Edwards also serves as the Assistant Vice President for Talent Development at the University of Texas at Austin.

“While the service is new in name, it has been decades in the making. It’s a rare opportunity to launch something that is at once new and proven, but that’s exactly what Beyond Gratitude is. Walt’s unmatched experience and reputation in coaching combined with Graham-Pelton’s demonstrated expertise in data analysis makes this an exciting combination,” says Elizabeth Zeigler, Graham-Pelton President and CEO. She adds, “There’s simply nothing like it in the marketplace. I’m grateful – beyond grateful, as it were – that this service will enable healthcare organizations to elevate philanthropy.”

In the past, many healthcare professionals have been reluctant, if not downright unwilling, to play a role in fundraising. Beyond Gratitude creates an authentic bridge for development and healthcare professionals to form trusted relationships, united in their shared motivations of delivering life-saving patient care and conducting breakthrough medical research. “When approached with an understanding of what makes philanthropic giving meaningful from a donor’s perspective, physicians and development professionals become a harmonized team, helping patients and their families move through their healing or grieving process,” says Edwards. “It’s really quite powerful.”

Graham-Pelton is the fundraising consulting firm chosen by leading healthcare organizations and nonprofits worldwide. Our mission is clear: to elevate philanthropy so nonprofits can flourish. Graham-Pelton is part of Collegium, a broad system of best-in-class professional services firms exclusively serving nonprofits.

To speak to a Graham-Pelton expert about Beyond Gratitude™,  email us at inside@grahampelton.com or give us a call at 1 800 608 7955.


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