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News & Events
December 27, 2018

Adam Steinberg: Vast Experience and a Wealth of Knowledge

Graham-Pelton is pleased to welcome Adam Steinberg as Vice President. When it comes to fundraising in education, Adam has seen it all and done it…
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News & Events
December 20, 2018

Alice Sockett: Insight and Experience

Graham-Pelton is pleased to welcome Alice Sockett as a new Consultant. Prior to joining Graham-Pelton, Alice was responsible for realigning the Legacy and In Memoriam…
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News & EventsOptimistic
December 4, 2018

Graham-Pelton Colleague Recognition Award Winners

Our mission is to elevate philanthropy so nonprofits can flourish.  And simply put, our people elevate us.  During this season of giving, we realize that…
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Giving & PhilanthropyNews & Events
November 16, 2018

Society in Crisis: How Philanthropy Can Change Narratives Amid Uncertainty

Elizabeth Zeigler, President and CEO of Graham-Pelton, poses a question to the panel. by Jennifer Harris November 14, 2018 Merriam-Webster defines philanthropy as, “the desire…
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