Ace your first fundraising campaign with advice from David Allyn

By June 5, 2019 News & Events

Writing for the National Association of Independent Schools, Graham-Pelton Vice President David Allyn outlines the critical strategy elements that need to be considered when planning a fundraising campaign. Whether you are preparing for your first campaign or have years of experience, these guidelines will help ensure that your campaign is set up for success.

“Campaigns are marathons, not sprints,” says Allyn. “And they never really end—once you finish one, the next one is right around the corner. But they are exciting opportunities for schools to build and strengthen their communities. By providing a common goal for everyone to rally around, a fundraising campaign can unify the school community in powerful ways.”

Topics include:

  • Planning studies
  • Wealth screenings
  • Quiet and public phases
  • Making bold asks and more

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