How America Gives

A recent report from Graham-Pelton and the Chronicle of Philanthropy highlights the changing giving habits of Americans and how some nonprofits are adjusting their strategies in the face of declining middle-class donors.

America's Changing Giving Habits

America’s nonprofits have reason to celebrate: Giving has been on the rise consistently in the years since the Great Recession. But behind the increase lurks a worrisome statistic. Fewer and fewer Americans seem to be giving to charity, with wealthy donors making up the difference, according to a new Chronicle of Philanthropy report.

Fundraisers and others believe that charities can turn this trend around by showing middle-class donors that small gifts produce important results. This 20-page Chronicle report, brought to you by Graham-Pelton, examines what’s behind the numbers and how you can prepare your nonprofit for the changing philanthropy landscape.

What's inside

Breaking the Charity Habit

Charitable contributions by low and moderate income earners is on the decline, while donations from upper-income earners has soared to become 75 percent of all philanthropic giving. The report dives into the numbers and lays out strategies for success on both sides of the giving spectrum.

Boosting Middle-Class Giving

In New Orleans, middle-class giving is the backbone of many nonprofits. The report examines how charities in The Big Easy buck national trends by showing impact and connecting with their community.

Closing the Funding Gap

Milwaukee nonprofits are ramping up fundraising programs due to drops in public funding and a sense that foundation and corporate giving is flattening. These organizations are increasingly turning to individual donors — and particularly large donors — as a source of “untapped promise."

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How America Gives

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