COVID-19: Resources for Fundraisers & Nonprofits

Though the global realities and implications of the COVID-19 virus are unprecedented, nonprofits can weather the storm by taking decisive action.

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Bringing Out the Best: A roadmap for excelling in a time of limitations

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The Double Ask - Blended Gifts to Achieve Donor Goals

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The Next 60 Days - Pivots for a successful annual fund

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COVID-19 & Unrestricted Giving, Part 1: Now Is the Time

Now is the time to evaluate your relationship and comfort with unrestricted giving. In the first of our three-part series, Senior Vice President Jennifer Harris shares why.

How the CARES Act Impacts Nonprofit Organizations

The $2 trillion economic stimulus package presents an opportunity to embrace our connectedness at this trying time by ensuring that taxpayers can give to help others and that the nonprofits serving our communities can survive, even as many face economic hardship due to lost revenue.

Philanthropy without fear: Setting fundraising facts straight

Historically, while significant downturns have affected charitable giving to some extent, the losses in philanthropic dollars are never as dramatic as the market downturns that drive them.

Stewarding Donors Through Crisis

Strategic and thoughtful crisis response planning during an organization's best days can bring structure and clarity on its worst.

Four Truths for Fundraising During Times of Uncertainty

During windows of uncertainty, fundraising must continue to be a priority, writes Graham-Pelton President & CEO Elizabeth Zeigler.

Seven Lessons from the Great Recession of 2008 that Apply Today

From COVID-19 to market fluctuations to the impending US election, much is unknown. But this we do know: Americans remain philanthropic even – especially – during times of unpredictability. Here are seven lessons from our experience in the Great Recession.

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