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Imagine a career trajectory where you are not just part of an interesting and dynamic industry, but advancing it as part of a market-leading firm.

our values

Focused - We always and consistently get the job done - and then some.

Optimistic - There is always a productive path forward and together, we always find it.

Authentic - We say what we mean and mean what we say.

Empathetic - We know where you’re coming from because we’ve been there too.

Bold - We think for ourselves and do things differently.

meet our colleagues

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Graham-Pelton from some of our own colleagues.


BECKI MCKINLAY, Managing Consultant

“I knew working for Graham-Pelton would be different, but as I navigated my way through Cairo airport and was handed a mobile phone by a chap that had my name on a piece of cardboard, I felt more like a secret agent than a fundraiser.”

From buildings to bursaries, animal welfare to global issues, we get to work on amazing projects. But that is also the biggest thrill – adapting quickly to different clients, services, and personalities. No two days are the same. This means that if you want to work for Graham-Pelton, you need to have a can-do attitude, the ability to think on your feet, and not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone – because we do that every single day. There is never a straight line to the end result and that’s what makes consulting so exciting.

YASAMAN MARTIN, Senior Manager

“Graham-Pelton leadership puts its people first which creates a culture of ownership where employees want to excel – not only for the success of our clients but also for the firm and our colleagues.”

I’m inspired by the missions of our clients and motivated at the opportunity to help advance many of them. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about so many important missions that I otherwise would never know much about – everything from equestrian work, to Jewish life, to the game of chess! With all this variety, I’ve found focus, one of our core values, to be essential to our work. It’s my job to stay laser focused on the task at hand so that clients can remain focused on accomplishing their missions.

BRIAN O’LEARY, Senior Manager

“We are serving our clients at a critical moment when they need help to push them to a new level.”

I’m motivated by the intellectual challenges that we encounter with a shifting philanthropic landscape, and people who are comfortable with constant change succeed here at Graham-Pelton. In addition to being change agents, our people are without exception inclusive, smart, and professional. We are dedicated to and curious about our ever-changing industry.

PAT HOUSE, Senior Vice President, Client and Consultant Development

“The ’empathetic’ core value is my favorite because it makes each of us more human. It also embodies our clients and how they can be successful in their missions.”

The drive of my colleagues, our focus on achievement, and our commitment to success sets an exceptionally high bar. We bring a new vision to the world of philanthropy with our innovative thinking, and we make a bold statement about the importance of the nonprofit industry through our thought leadership. I’m also motivated by the culture at Graham-Pelton, and how we care for one another. I’ve witnessed this firsthand most recently, when I was surprised with a food delivery when I was tending to a hospitalized parent.

CHRIS MASSI, Senior Consultant

“The core values are not a motto pinned to the bulletin board next to the coffee machine; they are practiced, reviewed, encouraged and celebrated.”

One of the reasons that I love Graham-Pelton is that we help our clients become better at what they do, which is different for each client. Sometimes, the client is relatively in a great place and sometimes the client is struggling. When you arrive, you have to be conscious of both soft skills and hard skills. You need to engage in a bit of meta-thinking – thinking about how you are thinking – to ensure you are seeing the totality of a client’s situation. This intersection between two core Graham-Pelton values, BOLD and EMPATHETIC, is where we bring great value.

ANDY WOOD, Executive Director

“Having seen the firm’s services, ethos, and staff firsthand – as both a Client and then an Associate – the opportunity to join Graham-Pelton was one that I had to pursue.”

The variety, the fast pace, and the independence and trust placed in you is unlike anything I’ve come across as a practitioner during my career. Working here, you get to make a genuine, positive difference. We build a stronger industry and a better world through philanthropy. Rather cool when you take a moment to step back and think about it.

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