Steve Roberts / Southmead Hospital, Bristol: north end of Brunel building / CC BY-SA 2.0

Graham-Pelton has provided multiple services to Southmead Hospital Charity and North Bristol NHS Trust. The firm first conducted a fundraising planning study specifically focused on the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal. This included a strategic review of current fundraising operations and resources, a database assessment, prospect research, and benchmarking against fundraising projects and campaigns similar to those being proposed for the Charity.

Graham-Pelton then assisted Southmead Hospital Charity in implementing the planning study recommendations. Activity here included: prospect prioritisation; cultivation plans; providing strategic counsel on HNWIs and organisations; implementing prospect pipeline management and reporting processes; revising current team responsibilities; and supporting the team through transition. Graham-Pelton supported Southmead Hospital Charity to review processes and policies to support the charity team to ensure relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency. We provided support and counsel on the implementation of a regular giving programme, facilitating a Case for Support workshop to accelerate the development of the Case for Support and helping to produce strong proposals for potential donors. We then provided training and counsel for senior leadership and other staff to increase institutional capacity in cultivating prospects and supporting the recruitment of permanent hires to any vacant roles.

Services have continued through the provision of strategic counsel and training workshops focused on developing a more erudite and confident fundraising operation for Southmead Hospital Charity. Most recently, Graham-Pelton has assisted with the recruitment of a new Charity Director and has undertaken a comprehensive review of the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal from inception to completion, including an analysis covering successes and challenges, opportunities missed and those explored, lessons learned, and recommendations for future appeals.