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Services: Coaching & Training, Individual Giving, Benchmarking Research, Case Studies

Graham-Pelton has provided multiple services for the Royal Academy of Arts, including a session focused on telethon training with the team at the Royal Academy charged with Individual Giving, as well as Major Gifts Benchmarking Research.

Graham-Pelton developed for the Royal Academy a benchmarking assessment table which compared the major gifts fundraising structure, strategy, and activity of comparatively sized institutions, including five UK-based arts organisations and two US-based arts organisations.

In addition to benchmarking, Graham-Pelton developed and provided Case Studies for a select number of organisations that included qualitative analysis of the successes and challenges facing major gift fundraising at the £100,000 to £1,000,000 level. A short summary detailing recommendations and trends (e.g., on structure, resources, and metrics) was also prepared and presented at a roundtable session with members of the Royal Academy development team.