Our work impacts the advancement of medicine.

Services: Fundraising Metrics, Planning Studies, Grateful Patients, Interim Staffing

Graham-Pelton has had multiple engagements with Lahey Health, which have included three planning studies and Executive Coaching services by the firm’s CEO with Lahey Health’s CEO, Dr. Howard Grant.

Beginning in late 2012, Graham-Pelton conducted a planning study to investigate Lahey Health’s ability to raise $200 million for key health system needs including the Emergency Department, Comparative Effectiveness Research Institute, and Center for Professional Development and Simulation.

This was followed in 2013 with a study focused on Lahey Health’s Grateful Patient Program, and the third and most recent study was conducted for Lahey Health’s Beverly Hospital and Addison Gilbert Hospital to test raising $50 million for priority improvements at both facilities.

Graham-Pelton has also provided Lahey Health with a multi-consultant engagement to staff Lahey with an Interim Senior Leader for Philanthropy, a Grateful Patients Leader, and an Interim Philanthropy Leader for Beverly Hospital.