Institute of Imagination

An engagement study for the Institute of Imagination (iOi) focused on garnering a greater understanding of strategic goals, gathering thoughts on fundraising and potential donors, and further developing the Case for Support. Prospect research was undertaken to ensure a high standard of Strategic Discussion participants for the engagement study and support the iOi in identifying new, particularly high net worth individuals and trusts who may become prospects for the campaign. The engagement study was followed by an intense training session for the iOi Board focused on understanding the major gift cycle and what it takes to secure a major gift, the fundraising landscape, turning personal or professional relationships in to fundraising relationships for the iOi, key messages to get across in early conversations, how to work in partnership with the fundraising team to cultivate the relationship, and making the ask.

Graham-Pelton most recently provided interim support and campaign direction services for the iOi focused on prospect management; coaching and training for leadership and fundraising staff; and strategy and planning with the Chair of the Board and CEO to strategically manage prospect activity and reporting, support Board recruitment and development, develop the campaign timeline, and identify opportunities for building momentum and support.