Photo Credit: Cheltenham Ladies' College

Graham-Pelton conducted a Development and Marketing Assessment for Cheltenham Ladies’ College to provide recommendations around the appropriate structure for Development and Marketing/Communications at CLC to optimise the performance of both functions. The firm held discussions with CLC leadership to garner a greater understanding of strategic goals and gather thoughts on individual roles and responsibilities around fundraising and marketing activity, as well as discussions with members of the Development and Marketing teams to provide a greater understanding of the skills, resources, and metrics around fundraising, alumni relations, and marketing at the College. Assessment services concluded with a review and analysis of current Development and Marketing operations and capabilities in order to determine the optimal structure to maximise the performance and long-term sustainability of both the development and marketing functions.

As a participant in the IDPE and Graham-Pelton Schools’ Alumni Relations and Fundraising Benchmarking Survey 2016, Graham-Pelton also produced a bespoke report for Cheltenham Ladies’ College to highlight CLC’s results compared to other groups of schools, including key recommendations for further success.