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Services: Business Intelligence, Coaching

Graham-Pelton Consulting has had multiple engagements with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). The firm first conducted a Campaign Data Audit and Frontline Productivity Assessment, which consisted of a three-part project focused on creating a success factors diagnostic, performing segmented modeling scenarios, and conducting an analysis on frontline team activity. For the success factors diagnostic, Graham-Pelton analyzed BIDMC’s Raiser’s Edge database and used descriptive statistics and predictive modeling to share a snapshot of giving success by examining key factors of Affinity, Engagement, Capacity, Demographics, Giving, and Prospect type.

The firm created a success factors profile of the contributing factors that most impact giving at the major and principal gift levels, and included a diagnostic of those prospects who are not making gifts to address barriers to giving. Using the analysis from the success factors diagnostic as a guide, Graham-Pelton then performed segmented modeling scenarios to further refine insight and provide a more actionable approach to prospects of certain types. Each of these models provided BIDMC with further tailored approaches to prospects of different types, giving levels, cultivation histories, and donation histories.

At the end of this work, BIDMC received three lists of prioritized new major gifts prospects to consider based on the predictive models, with likelihood scores assigned to each. To complement the work of the first two parts of service, and ensure that BIDMC can maximum return on investment from the prospect pool, Graham-Pelton then performed an analysis on the frontline team activity with prospects and success with assigned portfolios.

This assessment created a complete picture of how the frontline team can best manage their prospect portfolios for the greatest productivity. Graham-Pelton continues to provide services to BIDMC focused on maximizing performance and productivity from BIDMC’s growing major gifts team and coaching the leaders and officers to create a strong, high-performance culture which is modeled, embraced, and owned by the team.