Introducing Ralph Leonard: A Q&A

September 26, 2016

Ralph Leonard provides Senior Counsel for Graham-Pelton Consulting. Ralph provides unique insight and expertise gained through more than 30 years of leadership and fundraising with non-profit organisations in Asia and Australia. Ralph supports Graham-Pelton clients in Europe and the United States to successfully fundraise in Asia and Australia through the following services:

  • Prospect identification, research, and profiling including identifying new prospects.
  • Researching alumni and parents communities, especially those from Chinese communities around Asia.
  • Strategic advice on the preparation of culturally relevant and appropriate materials and communications.
  • Arranging and attending prospect meetings, including undertaking strategic discussions with client stakeholders as part of campaign planning.
  • Translation of fundraising and campaign materials into Chinese [Traditional 繁體 or Simplified 简 
Ralph Leonard

Ralph Leonard

What is it that you love about working in the fundraising industry in Hong Kong?

To steal a Steve Jobs quote, so that I can put a dent in the Universe. I have been able to work with so many enthusiastic and committed people who work in environments where we are literally writing the book on what fundraising means in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and elsewhere in Asia. Who else gets to recruit, train up, and motivate the first generation of full-time fundraisers like I have had the honour to do so?

What is your career background?

I have been a charity fundraiser in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and around Asia since 1986 helping raise some US$250 million+ for my organisations and clients.  I am an AFP Board Member in Hong Kong and Singapore as well as HQ Committee on Directorships Board member. I lecture on fundraising and NGO management at the University of Hong Kong amongst other venues.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for clients in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, Singapore, elsewhere, it is still a blank white piece of paper when it comes to what people know and understand about fundraising, especially sustainable long-term fundraising. This means that our greatest challenges are getting buy-in from Board members, senior management, and even many of an organisation’s stakeholders.

What drew to you work with Graham-Pelton Consulting?

I am proud to be a part of our team and its global network, and all that means to marketing our services in Asia and Australia.

Ralph uses his experience and local knowledge to advise on the best way to maximise the impact of your efforts, including event management. Email him to learn more.

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