Core Values


When you hire Graham-Pelton, you hire our people and our methodologies.

Graham-Pelton’s Core Values

Our core values are the fundamental elements of our reputation. In our industry, “integrity,” “flexibility,” “client-focused,” “hard-working,” and “experience” should be a given.

Graham-Pelton Consulting, Inc. is more than the standard list of adjectives and phrases. Our confidence and tailored approach are what define us as a firm.

Who We Are

Authentic We are who we say we are. We come without pretense.

Focused We are centered and grounded. We get the job done.

Empathetic We understand and relate. What matters to you, matters to us.

Bold We think differently. And it works.

Optimistic We know there is always a productive way forward. We will find the path together.

What You Can Expect

A trusted partnership We build real relationships. From the board room to the back room, you can count on us.

Intuition grounded in experience We rely on our frameworks, accumulated knowledge, and instincts to navigate all situations.

Value that lasts The impact of our partnership extends beyond the life of our engagement.

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