The Etherington Report – Update

December 16, 2015

On Thursday 4 December, a summit meeting was held to update the sector on the next steps following the Etherington Review. We know that many of our clients found our Etherington Review Summary that we sent out in the autumn a useful document, and this e-mail outlines the highlights from the summit and some next steps.


Key outcomes:

  • The Fundraising Regulator is being established.
  • The consultation will continue to mid-February.
  • George Kidd (Chair of the Direct Marketing Commission) has been appointed to establish the Fundraising Preference Service.
  • A Chief Executive for the Fundraising Regulator will be in place before Christmas.
  • December 2016 the Fundraising Regulator will be fully functioning.


Speakers and key discussion points:

Lord Etherington opened the summit, noting that his review was the fourth attempt at solving the issue of fundraising regulation. He recognised that donors often only give when they are asked, but stated the need to establish a balance between the work of the charity sector and the rights of the public. Lord Etherington was clear that his recommendations were deliberately broad to enable charities to be involved in the process of establishing a fundraising regulator. He reiterated that the regulation of fundraising is currently too complicated and not transparent enough.


William Shawcross from the Charity Commission spoke briefly about the role of Trustees in Charities, and that they will have an increasing role to play. The Commission is strengthening its guidance with a focus on the Trustees, and will continue to be involved in the establishment of the fundraising regulator.


Rob Wilson, Minister for Civil Society and Lord Grade, the Chair of the new Fundraising regulator, spoke about the role of the fundraising regulator and the next steps in the process. A fundraising preference service will be established so the public can quickly and easily opt-out of fundraising and communications.


Next steps for our clients:


  1. Read the changes to the Institute of Fundraising code of practice and review your opt-in/out statements on all communications from your organisation:
  1. Watch the recording of the summit here:


  1. Talk to your Board, Trustees, and Leadership of your organisation. There are two key documents which can be downloaded and shared here:


  1. Complete the consultation survey on the cc20 revised guidance:

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