Eden Goes Global!

October 28, 2015

Dan James

Many charities face tough balancing acts in challenging economic times, and Eden has faced our share of these in recent years. Yet in tough times, it is more important than ever to push forward your vision and not to let go of the big picture.

One of the most important lessons we have learnt at Eden is to think big and make the impossible seem possible!

Take three of our best ideas. Many people would have said they were not possible, yet we proved them wrong.

“A rainforest in a hole in Cornwall. You will never do it!”

Over 17 million visitors later, we truly can say we did it! Eden has now contributed over £1.5 billion to the Cornish economy, hosted over 47,000 school children every year, is home to over 70 students studying degree level courses, and employs 30 young people in Apprenticeships.

“Getting people to sit and eat and talk together in the millions? You must be crazy!”

Yes, we are and we proved it’s possible through our Big Lunch programme. Thanks to Lottery and corporate support, The Big Lunch is in its 7th year. In the early years, 750,000 sat together for lunch, and this year it was a whopping 7.2 million! Each June, lunches take place across the whole of the UK and across all communities and demographics. The Big Lunch sister programme, Big Lunch Extras, takes committed social activists and helps them to drive positive change in their streets and neighbourhoods. All part of our desire to go global – to spread our ethos and impact way beyond our amazing site in Cornwall!

“Cornwall to China? Can you really pull that off?”

Yes. We have created extraordinary plans for an iconic tourism and education project in Qingdao on the east coast of China and have signed a historic agreement with leading developers to make it a reality.

Where to next? Watch this space. But now is a great time to follow us, join us, and visit us.

-Dan James – Development Director, The Eden Project



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